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N8 ARMOUR 2:1:1 BCAA is your solution to the healthiest intra-workout drink in the market. Use the product to improve recovery time during exercise or workouts, reduce muscle soreness post-workout, and as a muscle building aid for individuals living a low calorie diet lifestyle.


  • 2:1:1 RATIO BCAA - a proven ratio of Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine
  • INSTANTIZED & FERMENTED - mixes instantly and non-synthetic
  • ELECTROLYTES - maintains hydration and cellular balance
  • CITRULLINE MALATE - improved muscular performance and vasodilation
  • L-GLUTAMINE - muscle repair and recovery
  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE - increases muscular stamina and endurance


N8 Armour BCAA Sachet

SKU: 9555938700962
  • 11g (1 serving)

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