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N8 Sports Nutrition is an ISO 9001:2015 Malaysian owned brand that has a history and legacy being in the sports nutrition industry since 2004. The brand is dedicated in supplementing athletes with products that are safe, of high quality and formulations that are backed by science.


Our products promises to fulfill your needs and expectations as an athlete for your training, tournaments, competition or simply your personal best. Feel the power, Feel the difference!


All products are made in GMP certified facilities under stringent standard operating procedures ensuring every standard is met at every step of the process.

The N8 commitment to Quality and Excellence

As part of our quality assurance for all our products to all our customers, all N8 Sports Nutrition products are made with your health and safety in mind. Our raw materials are selected and procured from only reputable suppliers and all formulations are compliant with local regulatory standards.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

All our packaging materials are made with the conscience of it's impact on the environment. Whenever possible, recyclable raw materials are our selection of choice in our packaging materials. We encourage all our users to recycle. Use your pre-workout tubs as storage containers, #jomrecycle!

We don't need much
artificial anythings.

Our formulations do not contain high amounts of preservatives, conditioners, and artificial sweeteners. We don't use fillers, we don't mislead with our labels, and most importantly we don't compromise on quality. We get what we give. You are getting real honest products.


Powering Malaysian Athletes everyday!

Feel the difference with N8 Sports Nutrition


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